Sappho Poetry

Selected Works:

 Sappho PleaseCome back to me, Gongyla, here tonight,
You, my rose, with your Lydian lyre.
There hovers forever around you delight:
 A beauty desired.

Even your garment plunders my eyes.
I am enchanted: I who once
Complained to the Cyprus-born goddess,
 Whom I now beseech

Never to let this lose me grace
But rather bring you back to me:
Amongst all mortal women the one
 I most wish to see.

 –Translated by Paul Roche

To AndromedaThat country girl has witched your wishes,
all dressed up in her country clothes
and she hasn’t got the sense
to hitch her rags above her ankles.

 –Translated by Jim Powell

  Sappho The Lyric Poem Come, holy tortoise shell, my lyre, and become a poem.
The Laurel Tree You lay in wait behind a laurel tree, and everything was pleasant: you are a woman wanderer like me. I barely heard you, my darling; you came in your trim garments, and suddenly: beauty of your garments.



Because you love 

Because you love me
Stand with me face to face
And unveil the softness in your eyes…

– translated by D. W. Myatt

TONIGHT I WATCHEDTonight I’ve watched the moon and
then the Pleiades go down
The night is now half-gone;
youth goes;
I am in bed alone


  Sappho Fragments:1.
Nothing can take its place in my mind. This beauty of girls.

Why, after so long, should I dream Of those girlish days?

Too much is enough Of that girl Gorgo.

O there are no others like her, Not in these times, lover.

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