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The Women’s Information Centre
Mejlgade 71, 8000 Aarhus C.

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Sappho is a centre primarily for women. We offer a relaxed, informal atmosphere in safe and discreet surroundings  – an alternative to the established café’s and discos – women can come here alone…and you can come as you are…

You’ll find us in Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city, in the peaceful end of Mejlgade: Go to “Nørreport” – cross the street by “Erlings” and continue 75 meters down Mejlgade – On your left hand side you´ll want to look for the black sign and frosted windows…

Sappho has previously been a women’s establishment, but is now a safe space for all LGBTQ + groups and individuals. As long as Sappho is respected as an LGBTQ + bar, straight people are of course also welcome.

Logo designed by Tina TNTWhy Sappho?

Sappho was a Greek poet who lived 600 B.C. on the island of Lesbos, where she ran a school for young women – she wrote passionated poems and was pretty frustrated  – as are we- which is why we on a daily basis refer to the place as:


The Women’s Information Centre is a Community centre supported by the City Council and has existed since March 8 1992.

Sappho is run by volunteers and everybody works for free.

The centre sprung from the old Women’s House, which was closed in 1992. The local is quite small and situated in the ground floor of a residence building, which is why we can offer just one larger event per month.Check out Kalender  for more information.

Groups who use the Information Centre:

Danish D-Lite Gay & Lesbian Sport Club, SAGA  T-Gruppen, Aarhus Pride mv.

Club-night: Check out Kalender for more information.

Aarhus, Denmark